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Bejeweled Free Download

Bejeweled is a famous riddle game that has caught the hearts of millions all over the planet. With its straightforward yet habit-forming interactivity, Bejeweled offers players an opportunity to unwind and loosen up while drawing in their brains in essential reasoning. Created by PopCap Games, Bejeweled was first delivered in 2001 and has since become one of the most notorious riddle rounds ever.

Antiquated Remnants:

On a grid, players must swap gems near form rows or columns with three or more matching gems. At the point when pearls are coordinated, they vanish from the board, and new jewels tumble from the top to occupy the unfilled spaces. The objective is to score whatever number of focuses could be expected under the circumstances by making chain responses and key matches.

Leave on an excursion through the baffling Old Remnants in Bejeweled. Investigate disintegrating sanctuaries, stowed-away chambers, and failed-to-remember burial places as you reveal antiquated ancient rarities and fortunes. Match old images and relics to open strong rewards and disentangle the mysteries of the past. Yet, be careful, for the vestiges hold many difficulties and snags that will test your abilities and mind. Could you at any point interpret the secrets of the Old Destroys and guarantee the amazing fortunes concealed inside?

Adventures Underwater:

Plunge into a captivating Submerged Experience in Bejeweled. Investigate lively coral reefs, submerged wrecks, and enchanted submerged caves as you look for lost treasures and interesting ocean animals. Match beautiful shells, shining pearls, and gleaming jewels to make astonishing combos and open secret insider facts of the profound. But be careful of lurking dangers like dangerous currents and menacing sharks.

Space Odyssey:

Set out on an awe-inspiring Space Odyssey in Bejeweled. Venture through the universe, investigating far-off planets, space rock fields, and outsider universes. Match enormous jewels, divine bodies, and modern innovation as you explore the huge spread of room. Experience unusual outsider animals, antiquated civic establishments, and infinite peculiarities of past creative minds. Outfit the force of the stars and open the insider facts of the universe as you set out on this interstellar experience.

Charmed Timberland:

Step into the otherworldly Charmed Backwoods in Bejeweled, where enchantment and miracles are anticipated everywhere. Investigate lavish vegetation, transcending trees, and charmed dales as you uncover stowed-away fortunes and magical antiques. Match shimmering jewels, captivated blossoms, and mystical animals to uncover the insider facts of the backwoods. However, be careful with dull powers that prowl in the shadows, for not everything is as it appears to be in this captivated domain. Will you open the secrets of the backwoods and outfit its antiquated wizardry?

Candy Realm:

Enter the delectably sweet universe of the Treats Realm in Bejeweled. As you satisfy your sweet tooth and savor an endless assortment of treats, take in sugary landscapes, candy-coated mountains, and lollipop forests. Mix and match colorful candies, delectable sweets, and scrumptious desserts to earn delicious rewards. However, look out for tacky difficulties and precarious impediments that substitute your direction.

Privateer’s Fortune:

Ahoy, matey! Set forth for experience in Bejeweled’s Privateer’s Fortune domain. As you search for buried gold, hidden loot, and legendary treasures, you’ll join a crew of swashbuckling pirates. Match valuable diamonds, glimmering coins, and gleaming gems as you explore tricky waters and investigate fascinating islands. Yet, be careful with rival privateers and shrewd ocean beasts that try to loot your wealth.

Time traveling:

In the Time Travel dimension of Bejeweled, get ready for a trip back in time. As you unravel the mysteries of time and space, you’ll travel through a variety of eras, from ancient civilizations to far-off futures. Match verifiable antiques, advanced innovation, and old relics as you explore the exciting bends in the road of the time stream. However, be careful with transient abnormalities and oddities that take steps to disturb the texture of the real world. Will you become amazing at time travel and open the insider facts of the ages?

Legendary Animals:

In the realm of Bejeweled’s Mythical Creatures, step into a magical and mythical world. Experience superb mythical serpents, effortless unicorns, and unbelievable monsters. Match mythical artifacts, enchanted talismans, and mystical gems to harness nature’s power and defeat evil forces. Yet, be careful with dull divination and old reviles that sneak in the shadows.

Launch into space with Bejeweled’s Cosmic Diamonds experience. As you collect rare cosmic gems and discover ancient space artifacts. you will travel to far-off galaxies, alien worlds, and cosmic nebulae. Match heavenly bodies, modern innovation, and extraterrestrial minerals as you venture through the universe. In any case, be careful with vast risks and unfriendly outsiders that take steps to crash your main goal.


In the wild wilderness of Bejeweled, set out on a wild Jungle Safari. Journey across thick wildernesses, rich rainforests, and extraordinary environments as you experience colorful untamed life and interesting species. As you navigate the hidden trails and passageways of the jungle, match vibrant flowers, exotic fruits, and precious gems. However, be on the lookout for dangerous traps and ferocious predators hidden in the foliage.

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